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AICP Privacy Policy

  1. The AICP collects information at chapter meetings, national events, through the website and during sales transactions.
  2. Member information is collected at the time of application to the AICP and the membership renewal.
  3. The AICP has no present plans to sell or rent information about our members but may share member data to obtain benefits for members, or as otherwise approved by the Board of Directors.
  4. The AICP publishes a membership directory that includes the primary contact information for the member (name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and company name, if applicable).
  5. Secondary contact information about a member will be used only as a way to contact the individual when the AICP cannot contact the member using primary information.
  6. No corporate or individual financial data (e.g., credit card numbers, debit card numbers, checking account information) will be sold, rented, or shared with others except as necessary to process an authorized transaction.
  7. Responsible parties may be required to provide their individual Social Security Number for AICP financial records or reports, which information shall not be shared except with prior notice to those responsible parties and only as necessary to complete the records or reports.
  8. The AICP will follow prudent business practices to safeguard financial data and Social Security Numbers when using or disposing of such information.
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